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Waterloo Tree Service is a locally owned and operated, licensed, committed, and insured wood contractor in Waterloo. Pride in reliable wood service in Waterloo, Iowa, at a reasonable cost. A comprehensive Waterloo tree care company that can provide tree pruning, tree removal, stump removal, truncation, and clearing services.

Waterloo’s pruning service are performed using forklifts, cranes, or climbing trees of all sizes. Waterloo’s tree removal services are performed using cranes, forklifts, or tree-climbing techniques, allowing us to cut down any tree anywhere. At Waterloo IA, stump removal is done using a stump grinder. Cutting of the site is done by removing trees and trunks and then using a hydraulic ax or forest mulching equipment. Other tree service companies in Waterloo IA cannot compete with our experience, reasonable prices, and speed of service and lawn care.



A proud pine tree at the back of your property or a stately oak tree can provide a lot of charm to your garden, in addition to years of shade and attractiveness for several thousand dollars. Provided that the tree is strong and healthy, of course.
If the trees or shrubs around your home have root rot, fungi, or low-lying branches, they will become a burden.
At Waterloo Tree Service, we provide a comprehensive service: our team knows their oak myrtles and tree care, and we have the tools and safety training to ensure no collateral damage.

Check zip code, contact us for our tree doctors in Cedar Rapids, Grundy Center, and clean your front yard and ensure your lawn care. We also serve Evansdale IA. The owner of the business hire dedicated arborists, take care of communities, we have a reasonable price and our company location, we are pros & have options and results. Call us and get a free estimate.

Services Offered – What We Can Do Is What We Like To Do!

We offer the following service for your home, yard, farm, or farm:
Pruning and pruning: Whether it’s for seasonal safety or for beautification, we do more than just chop and haul away. We know where to cut and how to keep it clean.
Treatment: Whether it’s fungi, worms, dead branches, or root rot – we’ll try to contain and reverse the problem.
Removal: We provide custom solutions for trees that threaten the welfare. These include the safe removal of cranes, tree stump removal, and site clearance.

New placement or replanting: we know what a good pine, elm, birch, or any kind of oak needs to prosper for decades. We can examine your soil and surrounding space to help you choose a good long-term solution.
Emergency Services: Accidents can happen, and sometimes caring for this suddenly loose branch is critical to both you and your family. When the duty is called, we will be at your disposal!
Call us and arrange a free, no-obligation consultation. We are happy to offer an individual solution.

Why Call Waterloo Tree Experts?

I have been doing this for over ten years, and have dealt with all the popular tree species that adorn Virginia, as well as a few strange species that needed special care. I’ve also met all the homeowners, from loving gardeners to those who are happily reminded that they have a garden at all!
Do you want to hear something strange? Usually, those who love gardening and horticulture are the most reluctant to plan tree service. There is a pride in having a green thumb – which I share, of course, fully – that can make us reluctant to ask for help, sometimes until it’s too late.

Other times, people are just happy to let their trees stay. With complex schedules and work commitments, it’s easy to postpone maintenance and pruning until a storm sets in.
Experience has taught us to combine the right combination of knowledge, performance, and independence to provide something to please us all. Our business philosophy is based on a simple concept: customers want someone who is punctual, reliable, won’t mess up and fill your final bill with the hundreds of “extra services” they’ve never bothered to provide to you, like landscaping.

Waterloo Tree Service

Let’s talk about Waterloo Tree Services Inc in the Waterloo IA area. These are the prime locations where we can provide professional Waterloo tree service at affordable prices.
If you want to find us on Google, our main business categories are Waterloo Tree Services, Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Tree and Stump Removal, Stump Grinding and Pruning, New Placement or Replanting, and Waterloo IA Rescue Tree Service & lawn service.
Ensure the safety of your home and the beauty of your trees!

Besides the dead tree, there is a basic growth pattern in the tree. We all know that trees need light, soil, and water to grow. As a homeowner, you can start by walking around the house and examining the trees closest to your home. Note that most of the branches inside the tree grow towards the house.

Go to the base of the tree and lookup. If the actual tree trunk is also leaning towards your home and lawn care, the degree of that tilt can help you determine the likelihood of that tree falling onto your home. If the tree is not leaning too far towards the house, either lower it in step (topping technique), reduce the weight of the lower limbs, or remove it if necessary.

We believe rescuing a tree is always the first option, but if the trunk and limbs pitch is too close, sometimes it’s best to remove them for your own safety. Another thing you can do is go around the base of the tree, look for side-growing mushrooms, black carpentry ants, and any obstructions (sidewalks, driveways, etc.) that may have altered the natural growth pattern of the roots. This can have a decisive impact on the safety of the tree.